Best Places to Eat in Fort Worth : May 2016 Edition

Central Market - Fort Worth


Yes. One of the best places to eat in Fort Worth is not quite a restaurant at all. It is a grocery store that doubles as a restaurant. Those not familiar with the Central Market may turn up their nose and look elsewhere for another eatery advocate, but I assure you, it's one of the better places to grab a quick, delicious, and relatively cheap meal. 

Have a family? Need to place to take the kids on a Friday night? Central Market. Have a date? Low on cash? Central Market. Want to sample the best of craft beers? Central Market. Central Market.  Are you catching my drift? Central Market is a one stop shop for anything your taste buds could ask for. 

My personal recommendation? Head up there on a Friday or Saturday evening with friends, family or significant other, grab some edible delectables in the store, purchase a the coldest 6 pack of light beer you can find, then plant yourself within earshot of the band (yes, they usually have a band) and enjoy life. I can't think of anything else more refreshing to do on a warm (soon to be hot) Texas summer night. 

**"Best Places to Eat in Fort Worth" is a monthly series on the best places to eat in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Establishments are judged not only on food, but also value, atmosphere, and service.