Following Through: New Year's Resolutions

Just Do It. Such a simple phrase that has somehow transcended the advertising world to become lodged in the popular vernacular of Americans, successfully influencing successive generations.

Why has it remained? Why has it so stoically stood the test of time?

Well, it appears Nike was on to something.

Just Do it.

How have you been in your life at Just Doing It? Timely, considering that it’s the New Year, and what do people do at the New Year’s? They resolve to change. Resolve to be in with new out with the old. I won’t do this. I’ll stop doing that. I definitely won’t be doing that anymore. Well, for a few months. Okay... weeks if we’re honest.

It’s hard isn’t it…to resolve to do something, and then actually carry it out in its full capacity. Why? Why can’t we Just Do It?

The reasons are many. We forget, we get busy, other things take precedence. We need a break from doing “it” so we don’t wear ourselves out so we can do “it” later.


Just Do it.

But it’s hard! I’m not really feeling it right now. I can’t possibly keep “it” up!

Excuses. Just Do it.

Let me ask you, where is success found? Is it found in new ideas? Something cool? Something novel?  No. It’s found in the trenches. It’s found in the work that no one wants to do, the tough stuff, the muck, the sludge.

Just Do It.

People will think you are crazy for actually doing “it”. “Just come out for drinks…you don’t really have to do that tonight, do?” “What now? On a weekend? Where do you find time just for yourself?”

Just Do it.

Soon, you will notice that “it” will starts to shape you. A little here. A little there. Like an artisan painstakingly chiseling at a stone, “it” will start taking shape before your eyes. “it” was so far, far away, but suddenly is here, within reach and grasp.

Keep going. Just Do It.

Sweat, tears, time, patience, discipline, faithfulness. It’s finally paid off. “it” has arrived.

So do you get what I am saying? Do you understand now what it takes? Do you know why a three-word phrase dreamed up by some adman has stuck around? You got it. Stop making excuses. Stop Whining. Stop talking about how much you are going to change. Stop fooling yourself. There is only one thing that will actually change you. You.

Just Do It.