Stationary vs Stationery - A Quick Lesson


I am college graduate from one of the top universities in Texas (A&M for those who are wondering). I got an A in English Composition, an A in English Literature, and a B in Creative Writing (accounting was a different story). That being said, when I got in to this business, I spelled STATIONERY (like the kind that goes in to envelopes and is sent) STATIONARY (as in not moving, standing still, set in place). This is a common mistake. So common in fact that "stationary" outranks "stationery" in Google search. As a purveyor of fine stationery, I have a mission (albeit a small and not that important mission) to correct the vernacular. Take this lesson, burn it in to your heads. Impress your friends. Woo the ladies. You now know how to correctly spell stationery. 

Oh, and here is a picture of our stationery, that just happens to be stationary.